Stafford Bookkeeping




Full monthly or quarterly off site bookkeeping

I will collect your paperwork from you at a pre-arranged time and then process all sales and purchases and reconcile all banks and credit cards, using online/cloud software, before returning all paperwork back to you.


VAT Returns – standard, cash accounting, flat rate, retail schemes, margin scheme

I am a registered VAT agent with HMRC and can submit your VAT Returns online for you. I can ensure you are on the best VAT scheme for your circumstances and if required change you to an alternative method.


Monthly or quarterly management reports

I will make appropriate period end journals in order to produce accurate periodic Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports allowing you to see how your business is really doing.

I will produce Debtor and Creditor reports where appropriate to help you keep on top of who owes you money and who you need to pay.


Annual bookkeeping

This is not a method I would recommend, much better to do bookkeeping at least quarterly so as to ensure accurate figures. However, if you are one of those people who like to provide your accountant with a carrier bag of paperwork after your year end then my service may prove more cost effective.

Why not let me get everything sorted so you can instead present them with an accurate Trial Balance and neatly filed paperwork. Ask them what their revised fee would be if this were the case.